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Thomas Moore biography :

Irish poet and balladeer / singer Thomas Moore was born on 28 May 1779 in Dublin, Ireland. Though he and his family were poor, he was able to get an education from Trinity College. He earned a degree in law from Middle Temple in London, but gained fame through his literary works.
In 1801, Moore published his first book, The Poetical Works of Thomas Little. He moved to Bermuda in 1803, traveled the United States and Canada, and returned to England in 1811. He married actress Elizabeth “Bessy” Dyke on the same year.
Moore read at Trinity College, Dublin and London, and published his first book, The Poetical Works of Thomas Little, in 1801. He became in 1803 a civil officer to Bermuda, where he stayed for a year, and then returned to England after travels in the U.S. and Canada. He published Epistles, Odes and Other Poems in 1806 after his travels.
In 1819, Moore was forced to leave London and live in Italy due to financial difficulties. He returned to London in 1822, after all his financial liabilities had been settled. During this time, Moore became the literary executor of Lord Byron. He edited and published, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron: with Notices of His Life in 1839.
He settled in Wiltshire and this was where Ireland’s national poet died on 25 February 1852. He is best remembered for writing the words to The Last Rose of Summer, Minstrel Boy, and Loves of the Angels. It is odd that he is honoured by having his statue over the largest public urinal in Dublin.


Poems by Thomas Moore :

Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms

At the Mid Hour of Night

Oh, No-Not Ev'n When First We Lov'd

Come, Rest In This Bosom

When First I Met Thee

Did Not

Fly Not Yet

Go Where Glory Waits Thee!

When I Loved You

The Garland I Send Thee

Thee, Thee, Only Thee

The Monopolist


Books of poetry by Thomas Moore :

The Complete Poems of sir Thomas Moore


Book Description

Wonderful collection of poems.