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George Herbert biography :

George Herbert was born on 3rd April 1593 in Montgomery, Wales to Richard and Magdalen Newport Herbert. He and his nine siblings were raised solely by their mother after the death of Richard Herbert in 1596.

George Herbert’s family was wealthy, intellectual and had a fondness for the arts. His mother was the patron of John Donne, and other poets. His brother, Edward, was also a poet and a philosopher. He was later knighted and called “Lord Herbert of Chirbury”

George Herbert studied at Westminster School and later on, at the Trinity College in Cambridge. He composed his first sonnets in 1610 and sent these to his mother. In 1620, Herbert was appointed the “Public Orator” of Cambridge. He held that post with distinction until 1628.

George Herbert was ordained an Anglican Priest in the year 1630 and became a rector at Bemerton near Salisbury. He composed his immortal poems exploring and celebrating God’s love, during the time he was a clergyman.

On March 1, 1633, George Herbert passed away. Before he died, he gave Nicholas Ferrar, founder of an Anglican religious community at Little Gidding, the manuscript of The Temple. He asked Ferrar to publish the poems only if these would “turn to the advantage of any dejected poor soul”, else have these poems burned. Little did George Herbert know that his works would have a profound impact on his readers. By 1680, barely 50 years after his death, The Temple had gone through as much as a dozen printings.


Poems by George Herbert :

Love One

Love Two


Books of poetry by George Herbert :

The Complete English Poems


Book Description

George Herbert combined the intellectual and the spiritual, the humble and the divine, to create some of the most moving devotional poetry in the English language. His deceptively simple verse uses the ingenious arguments typical of seventeenth-century metaphysical poets and unusual imagery drawn from musical structures, the natural world, and domestic activity to explore a mosaic of Biblical themes. From the wit and wordplay of "The Puley" and the formal experimentation of "Easter Wings" and "Paradise," to the intense, highly personal relationship between man and God portrayed in "The Collar" and "Redemption," the works collected here show the transcendental power of divine love. This vast collection includes all Herbert’s English poems, selections from his Latin poetry with translations, his major prose work A Priest to the Temple, and Izaak Walton’s Life of Herbert.